HRA Releases 2017 Scorecard

The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NH HRA) is pleased to release the legislative scores for 2017. The House Republican Alliance, the longest-running and largest conservative caucus in the NH House of Representatives, rates legislation based on two primary criteria: "Is it Constitutional?" and "Does it follow the State Republican Platform?". Based on those criteria, 54 bills were salient and had roll-call data, and were used for compiling the grades.

HRA Co-chairs' statement on Speaker Jasper's denial that HRA meetings are a caucus of Republican House members

For immediate release
April 20, 2017

Concord. The co chairs said, "We disagree with the Speaker's assertion that the House Republican Alliance (HRA) is anything but a legislative caucus of Republican House members and are disappointed that he continues to attack conservative Republicans and divide the party.