House Republican Alliance Crossover Scorecard

From the Desk of the House Republican Alliance Tri-Chairs
April 20, 2021
Contact: Rep. Peter Torosian, (603) 362-5202

The House Republican Alliance (HRA) celebrates a new era of Republican unity with the release of their Crossover Scorecard. The end of session on April 9th, completed a marathon 3-day session with representatives voting on over 150 House bills.

The HRA produces The Pink Sheet which makes voting recommendations on all bills based on the Republican platform and the US and NH Constitutions. Those recommendations are then tallied against roll call votes to evaluate members’ dedication to our stated principals.

HRA Tri-chair Peter Torosian remarked, “Republican legislators heard their constituents loud and clear and voted to uphold their Constitutional rights and freedoms.”

Tri-chair Deb Hobson added, “The HRA will continue to work with House members to solicit their input and provide guidance on Constitutionality of future legislation.”

“With a 100% Republican County delegation, it’s not a surprise that Belknap County came in with 97.5% to top the scoring of counties,” noted Belknap County delegation chairman and HRA Tri-chair Mike Sylvia.

As president Reagan said, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor.” In this spirit, we are very pleased to see the greatest level of unity observed since the inception of the HRA. Over 90% of the House Republicans voted in line with HRA recommendations on at least 80% of the votes scored. We had 67 representatives scoring 100% and only 20 members fell below 80%. However, HRA will keep trying to improve the scores of all members.

As we celebrate this slim but powerful majority, we are mindful and appreciative of the fact that this winning team is the result of former Speaker Dick Hinch’s relentless efforts. Leaders such as Reagan and Hinch bring us together in our efforts to strengthen our republican form of government.

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The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (HRA) was founded in 1997. The NHHRA is a group of Republican members of the NH House of Representatives whose goal is to make sure bills passing the New Hampshire Legislature are consistent with the New Hampshire and US Constitutions, to embody the traditional Republican values specified in the NH State Party Platform, and to be fiscally responsible to the people of our great state.