Our meetings are held on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 AM in room 307 of the Legislative office building and are open to any House Republican.

Dear Members of the New Hampshire House:

Please accept our enthusiastic welcome into the service of our state and its people, businesses, and institutions. You have taken a significant step towards shaping the future of New Hampshire, and the process of so doing will require diligent research, careful analysis, and occasional decisions which will test our conscience as we weigh moral, legal, and constitutional issues arising out of pending legislation or the conduct of business by members, committees, leadership, and the House as an institution.

The House Republican Alliance (HRA) is a Republican caucus that looks at legislation from three points of view: constitutionality, conformity to the State Republican platform, and fiscal impact. It is comprised of a cross-section of Representatives, from 1st term freshmen to long-standing veterans, who share a common belief that proposed legislation requires careful scrutiny from people of diverse backgrounds, with a clear understanding of the impact this legislation will have on freedoms and responsibilities captured in our federal and state Constitutions, consistent with the principles and policies established by the Republican party, and mindful of our history of providing ingenious and fiscally responsible solutions to problems facing our State.

We invite you to attend our meetings, which are generally held in the LOB on Tuesday mornings. These gatherings provide a forum for Representatives to discuss upcoming bills, to work on organizational issues, and to build the relationships that are so important to the conduct of business as Representatives of the people.

From time to time, you will receive, either in writing or via the internet, HRA correspondence regarding upcoming legislation. As well, we will be holding HRA Forums on specific topics such as education reform and funding, right to life issues, judicial reform, and other issues that are facing this Legislature.

We believe that enacting legislation requires a careful blending of our vision for tomorrow with respect for the institutions and traditions that have brought us to where we are today. The House Republican Alliance, with the diversity of its members, can provide you with information, conversation, and serious discussion about the issues you will be called upon to decide for our state. We hope you will make it a regular practice to join us at our meetings, and we extend to you our warmest welcome and hearty wishes for success in service to the people of New Hampshire.

HRA Co-Chairs