April 15, 2019
CONTACT: James Spillane,
HRA Tri-Chair (603) 463-5623

Concord — The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NHHRA) is pleased to release the legislative scores for the first half of 2019. The House Republican Alliance, the longest-running and largest conservative caucus in the NH House of Representatives, rates legislation based on two primary criteria: “Is it Constitutional?” and “Does it follow the State Republican Platform?”. Based on those criteria, 85 bills were salient and had roll-call data, and were used for compiling the grades.

This year’s scorecard shows that Republican legislators were united in opposition to radical and irrational legislation put forward by the Democrat majority. While the majority ran on slogans alleging their desire to work together in a bi-partisan fashion, their actions reveal the truth. They have looked to Washington D.C. for ideas that are not only bad for the country but extraordinarily unsuitable for the Granite State.

The thoughtless and misguided left has brought Republicans together in a way that is simply unprecedented. Ordinarily, a grade above 90% on the HRA scorecard sets a legislator in excellent standing. For the first half of 2019, a full 3/4 of Republicans met that high standard. The agenda of the socialist left has even reflected on the scores of more well reasoned members of the Democrat party.

We appreciate the unity of every Republican legislator for their hard work and dedication to sound legislation, and congratulate those that held firmly to our Republican principals. We will stand united, backing up the Governor in his record setting number of vetoes.

Scorecards can be found at

The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (HRA) was founded in 1997. The NHHRA is a group of Republican members of the NH House of Representatives whose goal is to make sure bills passing the New Hampshire Legislature are consistent with the New Hampshire and US Constitutions, to embody the traditional Republican values specified in the NH State Party Platform, and to be fiscally responsible to the people of our great state.