Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Concord – Today, the NH Senate passed SB11, otherwise known as “Right to Work”

“We are very pleased to learn that the NH Senate passed one of the HRA’s top 3 legislative priorities for 2017. Ensuring all workers have the freedom to choose whether or not to pay union dues is a paramount personal liberty issue,” said HRA co chair Rep. James Spillane, “and we look forward to its passage in the NH House.”

Co chair and Rep. Glenn Cordelli added, “While 27 states have now passed Right to Work nationally, passage of SB11 will put NH on the map as the only state in the entire northeast region with Right to Work legislation. We’ve seen other states’ ability to attract new businesses and tremendous economic activity, and we are eager for that same opportunity in New Hampshire.”

“SB11 is fundamentally a bill that promotes freedom and jobs. The people of New Hampshire overwhelmingly support passage of a clean Right to Work bill, and it’s time we delivered,” said co chair Rep. Laurie Sanborn. “We’ve passed Right to Work bills numerous times in the NH House, so it’s nice to have a majority in the Senate and a Governor who also want to see this important job-creation and freedom-expansion bill passed.”

The House Republican Alliance was established in 1997 and is the longest running caucus in the NH House of Representatives. It’s goal is to pass legislation consistent with the US and NH Constitutions, and that represents the core values of the state Republican platform and fiscal responsibility.