HRA Statement on Paycheck Equity

Date Issued: 
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The House Republican Alliance (HRA) issued a statement today on the passage of HB1188, a bill relative to paycheck equity.

"While this bill sounds good on the surface, we already have laws on the books that prohibit discrimination based on sex. This bill will interject the government into New Hampshire business decisions - by forcing them to allow employees to discuss confidential pay information. People are paid differently for a variety of reasons - education, experience, credentials, hours worked, to name some. Government does not have a place in private negotiations between individuals and their place of employment.There haven't been cases of workforce discrimination in decades in New Hampshire and New Hampshire women don't need the state to interfere in their work lives," stated Rep Carol McGuire , Epson.

"The gender wage gap doesn't exist according to the Department of Labor when men and women have the same jobs with same experience level. Women are highly educated and skilled employees. We can take responsibility for ourselves and do not need government involved in our work life!" Said Rep Regina Birdsell, Hampstead.