HRA statement on bill to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire.

Date Issued: 
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

For Immediate Release
Contact: Carol McGuire

The House Republican Alliance (HRA) commented on the passage of SB413, a bill to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire.

Everyone in New Hampshire wants to help those who do not have coverage. However, SB413 transfers healthcare coverage from private insurance to public insurance. We know recipients of Medicaid have worse outcomes than those on private insurance. We know emergency room visits do not decrease. We are incentivizing a group of citizens to become an underclass by passing this bill.

The House Republican Alliance finds it unacceptable that those on Medicaid have access to all 24 hospitals across the state while those on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) who are working, have access to only 14.

Paying for expanded Medicaid is going to cause New Hampshire to implement a broad based tax. Although the federal government will pay for the program for the first four years, no one is talking about the 20% of the start up costs and the 46% of the administrative costs of the program. This includes 95 new Family Service Specialists and their supervision. The state budget is tight every year. To pay for these new government employees, the state will need to cut essential services to those who truly need them the most, or it will need to institute a large, new tax on all citizens.