HRA comments on gas tax increase

Date Issued: 
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

For immediate release
Contact: Carol McGuire

The House Republican Alliance issued a statement on the passage of SB 367, a bills that increases the gas tax in New Hampshire.

"This increase tax will burden those we most want to help, the working families and those of limited resources. Since nearly all goods and services reach the consumer via vehicles, we can expect an increase in the cost of goods." stated Rep Pam Tucker, Greenland.

"Today, the House voted to raise the gas tax by 23%. While we all agree the roads need to be fixed, however, the funding is already available if we chose to allocate our resources properly instead of siphoning off highway funding for other departments. Besides eliminating the toll at Exit 12, SB367 mandates that most of the increased funds go towards the completion of the I-93 widening project, including paying off the $200 million in new debt. It does nothing to end the continual diversion of gas taxes away from our deteriorating roads and bridges, " stated Rep. Carol McGuire, Epsom.