HRA comments on efforts by Massachusetts to extend income tax to New Hampshire businesses

Date Issued: 
Monday, June 23, 2014

Date Issued: Monday June 23, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Bill O’Brien 603-620-8710

The House Republican Alliance issued the following statement in response to news that Massachusetts will attempt to levy a 5.2% income tax on New Hampshire small business owners, as reported in yesterday’s New Hampshire Sunday News.

“Massachusetts’ attempt to undermine the New Hampshire Advantage of not having an income tax is yet another outrageous overreach that we must come together to stop immediately. Moreover, it should be a warning to everyone of what happens when a state government starts spending beyond its means and constantly needs to look for new ways to pay for their profligacy,” said Rep. Bill O’Brien, Mont Vernon.

“Last year, the House passed a budget that grew government by 10% before the Senate was able to bring a fiscal reality check to the process. That type of budgeting would put New Hampshire in exactly the situation where states such as Massachusetts so often find themselves, looking to raise taxes on anyone and everyone possible to pay for reckless spending. New Hampshire small business owners who will get hit by Massachusetts income tax are now the best example of why it’s so critical to elect fiscally responsible leaders to the Legislature this November. We will be working hard to bring jobs and our young people back to New Hampshire and Massachusetts should not be reaching into New Hampshire to take those gains away.”