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House Republican Alliance (HRA) congratulates the NH Senate for passage of worker freedom bill

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

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House Republican Alliance (HRA) congratulates the NH Senate for passage of worker freedom bill

Concord - Today, the NH Senate passed SB11, otherwise known as "Right to Work"

"We are very pleased to learn that the NH Senate passed one of the HRA's top 3 legislative priorities for 2017. Ensuring all workers have the freedom to choose whether or not to pay union dues is a paramount personal liberty issue," said HRA co chair Rep. James Spillane, "and we look forward to its passage in the NH House."

Co chair and Rep. Glenn Cordelli added, "While 27 states have now passed Right to Work nationally, passage of SB11 will put NH on the map as the only state in the entire northeast region with Right to Work legislation. We've seen other states' ability to attract new businesses and tremendous economic activity, and we are eager for that same opportunity in New Hampshire."

"SB11 is fundamentally a bill that promotes freedom and jobs. The people of New Hampshire overwhelmingly support passage of a clean Right to Work bill, and it's time we delivered," said co chair Rep. Laurie Sanborn. "We've passed Right to Work bills numerous times in the NH House, so it's nice to have a majority in the Senate and a Governor who also want to see this important job-creation and freedom-expansion bill passed."

The House Republican Alliance was established in 1997 and is the longest running caucus in the NH House of Representatives. It's goal is to pass legislation consistent with the US and NH Constitutions, and that represents the core values of the state Republican platform and fiscal responsibility.


The House Republican Alliance (HRA) announces the election of 3 new co-chairs for the 2017-2018 session in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rep. Laurie Sanborn will be entering her fourth term in the legislature and her first term as HRA co-chair. Laurie has served on the House Ways & Means, Finance, Rules and Commerce Committees. She also is founder and chair of the NH House Business Caucus. Laurie is a 4th generation NH native with 30 years of business and community leadership experience. She can be reached at or (603)682-1557

Rep. James Spillane will be entering his second term in the legislature and first term as HRA co-chair. He has served on the House Fish and Game committee, and is also founder and president of the NH Veteran Sportsman Foundation. Jim also sits on the board of directors for the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA). Jim has also served 14 years on the town Deerfield Municipal Budget committee, serving both as Chairman and Vice Chairman. He works at Philips Medical Systems and can be reached at

Rep. Glenn Cordelli will be entering his third term in the legislature and first term as HRA co-chair. He has served on the House Education committee for two terms, and has also been a member of the House Business Caucus and Right to Life Caucus. He represents Tuftonboro, Moultonborough and Sandwich in Carroll County. He can be reached at and 603-515-0008.

The House Republican Alliance (HRA) is the longest running caucus in the NH House. It's goal is to pass bills consistent with the NH and US Constitutions, with core Republican values specified in the NH Republican Platform, and with a commitment to fiscal responsibility.

HRA announces the election of new Co-chairs for the 2015-16 session

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For Immediate Release
Contact: Carol McGuire

The House Republican Alliance (HRA) announces the election of new Co-chairs for the 2015-16 session in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Rep. Carol McGuire-Epsom has returned as a co-chair. Rep. Bill Ohm- Nashua and Rep. Leon Rideout-Lancaster have joined Rep. McGuire as the co-chairs. Both are serving their second term in the house.

"The new co-chairs will provide the ongoing knowledge and also bring a fresh perspective to the group. I am very confident the HRA will continue to be the policy voice for Republicans in the house this next term," stated Rep. Pam Tucker- Greenland, outgoing co-chair who did not seek a position again.

The House Republican Alliance (HRA) is the longest running caucus in the New Hampshire house. The goal is simple: pass legislation that supports the U.S. and New Hampshire Constitutions and the Republican platform. More information can be found at
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Statement on the New Hampshire Supreme Court’s Decision in Duncan v. State of New Hampshire

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Speaker Candidate Rep. William O’Brien’s Statement on the New Hampshire Supreme Court’s Decision in Duncan v. State of New Hampshire
Contact: Rep. William O’Brien
Tel. (603) 620-8710 Email:

In 2012 the New Hampshire legislature overrode Democrat Gov. Lynch’s veto and passed the Opportunity Scholarship Act, a law intended to give the children from poor and medium income families the opportunity to get the same educational opportunities that the children of Gov. Lynch and so many of his well-heeled political and union boss friends enjoy. This pro-educational choice law allows businesses to give a very limited amount of their pretax dollars to private charities set up to give all but a small percentage of the funds they receive to educate children from families earning no more than 300% of the federal poverty line.

Ever since this law came into effect, vested educational industry interests, led by those who do not have to send their children to failing schools, have tried to reverse Gov. Lynch’s failed gubernatorial veto with a judicial veto. They forum-shopped for a favorable judge. They had that judge issue a decision limiting the law based on premise that would make any liberal smile: he said, in effect, that all your money first belongs to the government, so if government leaves some to you after taxes with the knowledge that you might spend it on a religious-based education, then government is supporting religion.

This trial court decision has now been subject to review in the New Hampshire Supreme Court and fortunately, it was reversed. The decision found the plaintiffs lack standing to be in court challenging this law. As a consequent, the Supreme Court overturned this clearly erroneous decision.

The Supreme Court today rejected the trial court’s decision that in effect would have told the NH Legislature to be hostile and not neutral toward religions. Our state constitution does not lay the foundation for such a radical and harmful government.

New Hampshire scholarship students will be able to attend the schools of their choice. They and their parents will decide and if their decisions are for religious schools or secular schools, it will be up to them and not up to vested education industry interests trying to corral all students into failed government schools.

Decades of union and liberal tinkering and reforms have tainted the splendor of what was a public education system that was the envy of the world. We must do better for our children. We must expand the education choices available to all families, even those not as rich as the present and past New Hampshire governors opposing educational choice and the lead plaintiff in the Duncan case. The journey to a better education for our children must and will continue.


Statement by Rep. William O’Brien on the Court’s Rejection of Illegal Obamacare Subsidies

Date Issued: 
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For Immediate Release – Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Contact: Rep. William O’Brien

Mont Vernon – Rep. William O’Brien, who is running for re-election to the New Hampshire House in Mont Vernon and New Boston as well as for re-election as New Hampshire House Speaker, issued the following statement on the decision of the US Appeals Court in Washington in the case of Halbig v. Burwell. The decision rejected the Obama Administration’s misreading of its own law, which had allowed Obamacare subsidies through federal exchanges, such as the one covering New Hampshire.

“This court decision requires all New Hampshire’s elected officials to put aside partisan rhetoric and advantage to do what is right for our state and to get affordable health care for all our neighbors. Throughout the time that Obamacare was first considered, then jammed through Congress in a party-line vote, and finally found to be so flawed it has been unilaterally changed by the President 24 times, we have sought to engage elected officials in New Hampshire from both the Democrat and Republican parties in a discussion of free market solutions to the crisis in the cost of health insurance. Now that this latest reckless overreach by the Obama Administration has been ruled illegal, we once again call on NH Democrats in the New Hampshire House to work with us to adopt legislation we have proposed. We should allow health insurance to be purchased across state lines, to eliminate costly and unnecessary policy mandates, to free providers to bid their services and consumers to know the costs of those services, and to remove artificial licensing and healthcare provider restrictions. New Hampshire needs for politicians from both parties to put aside the rhetoric and do what is best for our constituents.”


HRA Comments on US Supreme Court ruling on unconstitutional buffer zones

Date Issued: 
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Contact: JR Hoell 315-9002

The House Republican Alliance released a statement today on the unanimous decision by the United States Supreme Court that 35 feet buffer zones around some businesses are unconstitutional. A similar law, SB 319, with buffer zones of 25 feet was recently signed into law in New Hampshire by Gov. Hassan after a bitter fight in the New Hampshire House of Representatives on the grounds of its constitutionality. The House passed this bill just weeks ago by a mere 162 votes out of the 400 members due to members not being present. The Governor then promptly signed the bill, showing her true commitment to the radical left pushing the bill. The ruling today shows how out of touch our Governor is with the rest of the legal system as well as the citizens of New Hampshire. She, as an attorney, should have known that the SB319 was a blatant violation of the Constitution and should have waited for this ruling prior to signing the bill.

"The US Supreme Court's unanimous decision today simply confirms what the HRA members believed when they fought against SB 319, that it infringes on freedom of speech." stated JR. Hoell, Dunbarton. "Governor Hassan's signing of the bill must be either because she does not understand our constitutional rights, or has little regard for them. "Free speech zones" that prohibit citizens from demonstrating or otherwise expressing their opinions in some locations are blatant affronts to our freedom of speech. Yes, it's sometimes annoying, but democracy is messy and one person's convenience is no reason to limit another's right to speak out."

HRA Comments on New Hampshire’s Drop From the Top Half of the Country to the Bottom Half in CNBC’s Ranking of Top States for Business

Date Issued: 
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Date Issued: Wednesday June 25, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Bill O’Brien 603-620-8710

The House Republican Alliance issued the following statement in response to news that New Hampshire’s ranking on CNBC’s list of best states for business has continued to slide under the Democratic majority in the NH House of Representatives.

“In 2010 through 2012, the two years that the Republicans were in last a majority in the New Hampshire, we began the recovery from the prior overspending and over regulating under the then prior Democrat majority, which had dropped New Hampshire to near the middle of the country as a whole in CNBC’s ranking of states best for business. In fact, we were able to bring New Hampshire up to the 19th position and the signs looked good for continued improvement. Unfortunately, the current Democrat majority and their overspending and anti-business efforts have undermined our successes and caused New Hampshire to fall to 27th in the 2013 rankings and now to 30th in the 2014 ranking released by CNBC today. If that Democrat majority and therefore this trend of dropping an average of over five positions a year continues to the end of the next term, New Hampshire will be below 40 in the rankings and in the company of Louisiana, West Virginia and Rhode Island as states businesses avoid,” said Rep. Bill O’Brien, Mont Vernon.

“This slide toward economic stagnation in New Hampshire will only end when we return to a state government that understands that if New Hampshire businesses have to pay more taxes than Massachusetts businesses, as they do now, and operate under an ever-increasing burden of California-style regulations, as again they do now, then they will not be able to produce the jobs and prosperity that once made New Hampshire the envy of its neighbors. The time for change and reform is on us.”


HRA comments on efforts by Massachusetts to extend income tax to New Hampshire businesses

Date Issued: 
Monday, June 23, 2014

Date Issued: Monday June 23, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Bill O’Brien 603-620-8710

The House Republican Alliance issued the following statement in response to news that Massachusetts will attempt to levy a 5.2% income tax on New Hampshire small business owners, as reported in yesterday’s New Hampshire Sunday News.

“Massachusetts’ attempt to undermine the New Hampshire Advantage of not having an income tax is yet another outrageous overreach that we must come together to stop immediately. Moreover, it should be a warning to everyone of what happens when a state government starts spending beyond its means and constantly needs to look for new ways to pay for their profligacy,” said Rep. Bill O’Brien, Mont Vernon.

“Last year, the House passed a budget that grew government by 10% before the Senate was able to bring a fiscal reality check to the process. That type of budgeting would put New Hampshire in exactly the situation where states such as Massachusetts so often find themselves, looking to raise taxes on anyone and everyone possible to pay for reckless spending. New Hampshire small business owners who will get hit by Massachusetts income tax are now the best example of why it’s so critical to elect fiscally responsible leaders to the Legislature this November. We will be working hard to bring jobs and our young people back to New Hampshire and Massachusetts should not be reaching into New Hampshire to take those gains away.”



HRA Releases 2014 Legislative Scorecard

Date Issued: 
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CONTACT: Pam Tucker 531.0085

House Republican Alliance Releases 2014 Legislative Scorecard

Today, the House Republican Alliance (HRA) released its 2014 scorecard for members of the New Hampshire House. The HRA scorecard ranks every state representative's voting record according to how well their votes comply with the U.S and N.H. Constitution, the New Hampshire Republican Platform, and fiscal soundness. The rating is determined by comparing each representative's voting record with the recommendations HRA published in the "Pink Sheet”. HRA's Pink Sheet recommendations are distributed to House members before each session and are available on the HRA website.

This scorecard was derived from 118 roll call votes. This year, on average, 83.3% of Republican voted in line with HRA recommendations. The Democrats' average was 9.6%, which dramatically demonstrates how different the parties are in their respective ideologies.
The HRA scorecard is the longest running scorecard or measurement used in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. A summary of each bill's impact is available at

The HRA is the oldest independent policy group in the NH House, consisting of current and recent New Hampshire House members who work together to advance fiscal sanity and Republican principles of smaller government and keeping taxes low for all citizens of the state.



HRA comments on the denial of support for the Wani family

Date Issued: 
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

For Immediate Release
Contact: JR Hoell 315.9002

House Republican Alliance comments on the denial of support for the Wani family in Manchester.
Today the New Hampshire State House failed to pass a House resolution asking for US State Department to intervene on behalf of Meriam Wani.

Rep. Itse introduced this urgent resolution on behalf of the Manchester family whose heart-wrenching story is rippling through New Hampshire and nation. Mrs. Meriam Wani, a 27-year-old Sudanese woman is in danger of being martyred in the very near future for her marriage to a Daniel Wani, a United States Citizen living in Manchester, NH.

New Hampshire has among the strongest constitutional protections of rights of conscience and religion. The House Republican Alliance strongly believes that the martyring of a young woman for her marriage to a citizen of another religion is an unacceptable over reach of the power delegated to government.

Rep. JR Hoell- Dunbarton, expressed shock and dismay, that the critical request failed to garner sufficient votes to pass the required 2/3rds margin to allow introduction. “We were sent here to serve and protect the people of New Hampshire and nothing comes closer to fulfilling that duty than standing up to government tyranny, especially when someone will be martyred for their selection of a spouse and their religious beliefs.”

Rep. Dan Itse- Fremont further commented: “It was good to see that we obtained a majority on this vote, however I am dismayed that Democrat leaders opposed and stopped the introduction of the resolution”