Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NH HRA) is pleased to release the legislative scores for 2017. The House Republican Alliance, the longest-running and largest conservative caucus in the NH House of Representatives, rates legislation based on two primary criteria: “Is it Constitutional?” and “Does it follow the State Republican Platform?”. Based on those criteria, 54 bills were salient and had roll-call data, and were used for compiling the grades.

This year’s score card shows that there is strong support among the NH Republican Legislature for advancing Republican values and preserving constitutional protections. We appreciate the efforts of every Republican legislator for their hard work and dedication, and congratulate those that achieved strong scores.

In addition, this year the NH HRA has compiled some statistics showing 3-5 year average scores where the legislator has served at least 2015, 16, and 17. For those who also served in 2013 & 14 it is a 5-year average, otherwise a 3-year average. This list is only those whose average was better than 90%

98.9% Spillane, James
98.1% Murphy, Keith
98.1% True, Chris
98.0% Burt, John
97.8% Notter, Jeanine
97.8% Kaczynski, Jr., Thomas
97.7% Howard, Jr., Raymond
97.6% Moore, Josh
97.5% McGuire, Carol
97.5% Beaudoin, Steven
97.2% Itse, Daniel
97.2% Pitre, Joseph
97.2% Avellani, Lino
96.6% Baldasaro, Alfred
96.6% Osborne, Jason
96.5% Turcotte, Leonard
96.1% Hill, Gregory
96.0% Sylvia, Michael
95.9% Sanborn, Laurie
95.6% Ferreira, Elizabeth
95.5% Ulery, Jordan
95.3% Sullivan, Victoria
95.2% Hoell, J.R.
95.0% Seaworth, Brian
94.9% Christie, Rick
94.8% Cordelli, Glenn
94.0% Gordon, Richard
94.0% Aldrich , Glen
93.9% Ammon, Keith
93.7% Kuch, Bill
93.3% Comeau, Ed
92.8% Wuelper, Kurt
92.6% Twombly, Timothy
92.4% Bates, David
92.2% Hull, Robert
91.8% Vadney, Herbert
91.6% Schleien, Eric
91.5% Gould, Linda
91.0% Emerick, J. Tracy
91.0% Marple, Richard
90.8% Halstead, Carolyn
90.7% Murotake, David
90.6% Seidel, Carl
90.5% Zaricki, Nick
90.3% Vose, Michael
90.2% Fromuth, Bart
90.2% Rice, Kimberly