HRA Holds Training Session on Workplace Behavior

On Tuesday January 15, 2019 the House Republican Alliance held a training session on workplace behavior, with the Honorable Representative Jess Edwards as instructor, to 31 Republican members of the New Hampshire House.

The presentation by Representative Edwards gave the full range of possible problems that can arise in House business through deliberate or accidental encounters with others, as well as the actions that should be taken by those involved.

HRA Releases 2017 Scorecard

The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NH HRA) is pleased to release the legislative scores for 2017. The House Republican Alliance, the longest-running and largest conservative caucus in the NH House of Representatives, rates legislation based on two primary criteria: "Is it Constitutional?" and "Does it follow the State Republican Platform?". Based on those criteria, 54 bills were salient and had roll-call data, and were used for compiling the grades.